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Intelligent RTIs and Returnable Containers

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RTIs (Returnable Transport Items) are an increasingly important part of nearly every supply chain operation because they are safer, offer improved sanitation, and extended life. While the cost savings resulting from the use of these containers, bins, pallets and totes is significant, their overall value to your business is even more critical, and optimizing their use is essential to ensure profitable and successful operations.

Managing and tracking the movement of RTIs such as pallets, totes, bins and reusable plastic containers (RPCs) throughout the supply chain represents a significant logistical challenge. Manual processes leads to errors and delays for tracking containers resulting in lost or under-utilized assets and a negative impact on revenues. Supply chain managers need an automated system for tracking containers to ensure accurate shipments, improve efficiency, reduce attrition of RTIs, minimize labor costs and streamline operations.

Food and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly choosing RTIs for shipping their temperature-sensitive products. The emergence of Intelligent RTIs – pallets, bins, totes and containers with integrated and embedded temperature monitoring tags – provide the ability to track and manage the condition of the products – as well as their location – to enable a more intelligent and cost-effective supply chain.

On Demand Visibility
Intelleflex provides on-demand data visibility for tracking and managing Intelligent RTIs (iRTIs) as well as for monitoring and managing the temperature and condition of the assets' contents to reduce waste, improve delivered quality, enhance traceability and optimize supply chain operations. With Intelleflex XC3 Technology®, you can easily and cost-effectively track iRTIs including containers, bins, crates, pallets, roll cages and RPCs as they move through the supply chain to better manage inventory, reduce purchasing and labor costs, improve efficiency and maximize asset utilization. XC3 Technology-based readers and tags provide the ability to reliably read and write data to tags, automating processes and eliminating many of the limitations of bar codes.

Embedded temperature and condition monitoring tags provide the added capability of providing Actionable Data for managing the freshness and quality of fresh, frozen and packaged foods as well as temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. By managing the temperature of your products at the pallet, tote or container level, you can enable an intelligent supply chain that includes uniform builds and loading, prioritized routing and improved traceability.

With Intelleflex-enabled intelligent RTIs, you can improve:
  • Asset Management
    • 30% - 60% improvement in asset utilization
    • 20% - 40% reduced attrition
    • Decrease operational outage expenses
  • Freshness Management
    • Actionable temperature data to improve delivered freshness, traceability and documented quality
  • Delivery Management
    • Actionable RTI data (GTIN, SSCC, tare weights, sanitation records, manifest data)
    • Integration with WMS, ERP
    • Geiger Counter application for process efficiencies