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Because biopharmaceuticals are temperature sensitive, temperature monitoring and management plays a critical role in the cold chain. Yet, despite the use of existing temperature monitoring solutions, still one-third of all temperature sensitive products are compromised and will need to be returned or destroyed – creating treatment delays and wasting money.

It’s an Open & Shut Case for implementing Intelleflex in-transit temperature and condition monitoring to improve cold chain operations. Legacy wired and USB data loggers can’t be read in-transit because you have to open and tamper with the package to get the data logger. That means you have to wait until the package is delivered to access the data…if something went wrong in-transit, it’s too late to do anything about it.

Intelleflex wireless RFID temperature and condition monitoring tags allow you to monitor and access the temperature of pharmaceuticals through the package, in-transit, without unpacking through to the last mile. So instead of hoping the temperature inside is OK in-transit, you’ll know it’s OK without having to open the package. If the temperature starts to drift in-transit, you’ll have actionable data that enables you to do something before it’s too late.

Our award winning, FAA-compliant, wireless temperature monitoring tags are reusable and much more cost-effective than any legacy active RFID or USB-based solution.

Key Benefits
  • Wireless, in-transit condition monitoring without opening packages or containers
  • Actionable data to take corrective action before an excursion occurs
  • FAA compliant – approved for use in air cargo holds on all aircraft
  • Helps address ePedigree and Inference requirements
  • Optimize temperature management and document chain-of-custody to better ensure efficacy and quality

At a time when margins are critical, Intelleflex can help you improve your bottom line while reducing wasted product, claims and paperwork.

Pharmaceuticals: The Intelleflex Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Solution provides on-demand visibility for tracking and monitoring the temperature of biologics and other pharmaceuticals. With Intelleflex manufacturers, shippers and end users can easily and cost-effectively track and monitor the temperature of the product every step of the way while it's in-transit without unpacking to ensure efficacy and product quality.

Time Out of Refrigeration: The Intelleflex Time Out of Refrigeration (TOR) Solution for cold chain logistics provides on-demand data visibility for improving shipping, storage and documented receipt condition of temperature controlled drugs and APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). You can easily monitor for conditions related to potential TOR events or excursions and deliver actionable data so corrective action can be taken before problems are likely to occur. With Intelleflex you can automatically and cost-effectively monitor and manage the condition and zone location of high-value materials on-demand without unpacking or opening the container.