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Health care providers are increasingly challenged with improving operations and efficiency.

  • Instantly knowing the location of high value assets including mobile equipment, carts, gurneys and monitoring improves inventory management reduces carrying and rental costs, out-of-stocks and theft.
  • Tracking staff, patients and visitors within your facilities improves security and patient care while reducing operational costs.
  • Refrigeration and environmental monitoring helps to ensure the proper handling of medication and other temperature sensitive materials and reduces losses and risk.

On Demand Visibility
Intelleflex solutions help improve operations, patient care and the security of your hospital, clinic or health care facility. We combine the power  of  our  Extended  Capability  RFID™  system  with  your  existing   systems to wirelessly monitor, detect and track mobile assets and the locations of employees, patients and visitors on-demand, enabling real- time decision making and control.

Asset Tracking: The Intelleflex Solution for Health Care Asset Tracking provides on-demand visibility for the real-time monitoring of medical assets and equipment throughout a facility. With Intelleflex XC3 Technology®, you can easily and cost-effectively improve operations at hospitals and health care facilities to reduce costs, improve asset utilization and enhance patient care.

Patient Monitoring: The Intelleflex Solution for patient monitoring provides on-demand visibility regarding the location of patients, staff and visitors in a health care facility. It delivers the ability to monitor the entrance or exit of a facility as well as restricted or public areas, the location of the individual within facilities, and their location history. With Intelleflex you can easily and cost-effectively monitor staff, patients and newborns and ensure successful and safe operations at hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities.

Tissue Tracking: The Intelleflex Solution for Tissue Tracking provides on-demand visibility for the real-time temperature monitoring of tissue and implants throughout the cold chain from tissue banks to the point of receipt at the hospital and implant into a patient at the point of care. With Intelleflex you can easily and cost-effectively improve the tissue tracking process by capturing the required regulatory data for full chain of custody allowing you to automate manual processes, increase patient safety, and eliminate waste.