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Retail grocers, food service providers and restaurants are increasingly concerned with:
  • Maximizing product quality, freshness and shopper/customer satisfaction
  • Preserving brand equity and maximizing profitability
  • Improving food safety and addressing regulations
Fresh produce, meats, seafood, dairy items and frozen foods require proper temperature management from production to retail. Even the slightest temperature variation in-transit can lead to poor quality, reduced shelf life, increased waste, more out-of-stocks, and potential food safety issues that reduce shopper satisfaction and profitability.

Studies from FMI and others show that the quality of fresh produce, meat, seafood and poultry are among the primary reason shoppers choose their grocery store. These categories also represent the highest profit margin departments for grocers. Quality means delivered freshness – knowing that your products will remain fresh after they're sold to increase customer satisfaction and shopper loyalty.

Too often, grocers and food service providers rely on trailer-level temperature loggers and visual inspections to determine freshness and quality. Unfortunately, these methods are inadequate, out-of-date and result in higher shrink rates. Placing one or two USB temperature monitors in a trailer assumes that all pallets in the trailer are the same – they're not. Each pallet has its own unique temperature history, freshness and relative remaining shelf life because shrink begins at the point of harvest or production and varies by pallet, not by trailer. Simply put, maximizing quality and delivered freshness starts at the beginning of the cold chain and needs to be managed at the pallet-level every step of the way.

Monitoring your cold chain is not the same as managing it. You need complete end-to-end cold chain visibility – not just for particular segments – as quality and freshness issues can occur anywhere. And, with the complexity of today's supply chains, exception-based management to focuses precious resources only on those pallets that require special attention. To address food safety requirements, you also need complete electronic traceability records that USB-based or trailer-level cannot provide.

A Better Approach: Why Pallet-Level Beats Trailer-level Monitoring
The Intelleflex FreshIQ™ Solution provides innovative on-demand temperature monitoring – at the pallet level – from field to fork. By automating your processes using wireless temperature monitors and cloud-based data services, you get actionable data to instantly determine the shipping and storage history of every pallet, container or package to improve the management of your fresh supply chain and gain competitive advantage.

Compare the advantages of pallet-level freshness management from Intelleflex with USB-based trailer-level monitors:

Value Proposition/Benefit Intelleflex FreshIQ™ Solution USB Trailer-level Monitoring
Product Quality & Customer Satisfaction Maximize product quality and shopper loyalty. Proactively manage the cold chain, get real-time alerts for process improvement, and implement FEFO to reduce shrink and improve delivered freshness. Doesn't address individual pallet-level variation and masks product quality issues that lead to shrink at the retailer and unhappy customers.
Protect Brand Equity & Increased Profitability Each pallet has documented quality of freshness on delivery to reduce waste throughout the cold chain and improve profitability. No pallet-level data about the quality or freshness of what you're selling, increasing waste and risking brand equity and profitability.
Food Safety & Regulations Full electronic traceability at the pallet level from production to retail. Trailer-level tracking makes traceability data gathering cumbersome or impossible.
Cold Chain Coverage Follows the product through the supply chain for end-to-end coverage. Segment-only monitoring limits cold chain visibility
Improved Operations Innovative wireless temperature monitors can be read automatically at each waypoint without manual intervention. Real-time notifications alert managers to take action only on affected pallets. Create a competitive advantage in your supply chain by increasing efficiency and reduce out-of-stocks. Labor intensive. Tags must be manually collected and read and most aren't. Provides only historical data when it is too late to take corrective action. No exception handling.

Intelleflex XC3 Technology® and ZEST® Data Services automatically provide on-demand visibility of your products' location and condition throughout the fresh supply chain. This ensures proper handling processes, improves delivered quality, maximizes shelf life and increases customer satisfaction, profitability and brand value.