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The Intelleflex FreshIQ™ solution enables growers, producers, co-ops and precool operators to reduce loss due to spoilage, improve quality and food safety and address traceability requirements. Intelleflex provides Actionable Data™ for tracking and monitoring the temperature and condition of produce and other temperature-sensitive products from harvest or production and onto distribution to the store shelf. With FreshIQ, you get on-demand visibility of the product's condition – without unpacking pallets and containers or unloading the trailer – to improve and maximize shelf-life while increasing customer satisfaction and brand value.
  • Easily utilize temperature data to dynamically route the product's outbound transit time with pallet-level shelf-life expectancy to reduce waste
  • Pallet-level track and trace capabilities for chain-of-custody and food safety
  • Rapid ROI...reduce waste and realize savings with the first use

On Demand Visibility
For fresh produce and other perishable foods, proper temperature handling throughout the entire cold chain is critical, starting in the field or at production. Throughout the cold chain, products can be mishandled, left in the sun for hours, delayed on trucks and subjected to temperatures that reduce food quality and shelf life that cannot be identified through visual inspections or trailer-level monitoring. Intelleflex provides on-demand temperature data monitoring – at the pallet and package level – every step of the way. Without unpacking or modifying your processes, you can instantly determine the shipping and storage history of every container of product. With Intelleflex, you can quickly calculate the remaining relative shelf life index or Freshness Factor™, optimize inventory management, improve product quality for your customers, and increase your revenues.

Intelleflex tags and readers can assist growers, producers, packers and shippers address the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) by providing electronic records of a food's origin and movement throughout the supply chain. With Intelleflex, information about the product's origin and its condition between the field or production and the retail grocer can be securely stored directly on the tags. Each tag also records the product's waypoint information to the tag every time it is read by an Intelleflex reader – at the pack house, factory, processing plant, distribution center and other transit points – creating an electronic data log for track-and-trace capability. This data record can be utilized to more rapidly help identify origins of products and thereby help speed recalls and improve track and trace requirements by utilizing electronic, rather than paper-based record keeping. And, by reducing waste and increasing revenues at the same time, you can effectively get traceability free of charge.

For growers, producers and co-ops: Track the produce from the harvester to the distribution facility to better ensure proper storage and handling and improve product grading and quality.

For PreCool Monitoring: Because of design, size, product placement and ventilation, temperature and conditions within precoolers can vary significantly. There can be "hot" or "cold" spots that cause the individual pallets to be exposed to temperatures that compromise the product. FreshAware, from ProWare Services, works with Intelleflex to provide a comprehensive PreCool Monitoring System so you can easily and automatically capture, monitor, and report pallet-level temperature throughout the precool cycle, QC and into distribution to improve quality and delivered freshness.