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ZEST® Data Services

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ZEST® Data Services from Intelleflex is a secure, multi-tenant cloud-based data collection platform for aggregating and permission-based sharing of information. This Actionable Data can be easily utilized via a web browser for tracking, managing and monitoring products, assets and personnel. ZEST makes it easier for Intelleflex application developers and partners to develop applications using standard based data access and integration.

Utilizing a “data as a service” model, ZEST makes it easier for businesses to collect, evaluate and share data within a department or company, or across trading and business partners. This improves operational efficiency, reduces friction and waste in the supply chain, and improves inventory management, asset tracking and personnel monitoring.

ZEST utilizes information captured and collected using Intelleflex XC3 Technology® multi-protocol RFID readers and tags about a product's or asset's location and condition history and makes this Actionable Data™ available for use by applications and individuals.

ZEST Data Services is marketed exclusively through Intelleflex partners who incorporate the data service into their applications.


Partner Perspectives

iGPS   “Intelleflex's new CMR-6100 cellular reader and data services are a remarkable advancement in condition monitoring. The capture of iGPS's producer/manufacturer and retail pallet-level product condition and location data will enable our customers to make informed decisions using that data in near real-time via the ZEST Data Services platform and it will help iGPS further improve information sharing and decision making across the supply chain.”
Antaris Solutions   “Ease of implementation is a critical factor in the implementation of RFID solutions in global transportation processes. The new ZEST Data Services represent a huge step forward, making it very easy to integrate sensor data from various locations into our SmartView web application. With the CMR-6100 reader and ZEST, Intelleflex creates a 'plug-and-play' solution that we can easily deploy at international customer locations.”
Tekwave Solutions   “We see the Intelleflex CMR as a perfect fit to the missing piece of the SECURITY puzzle, TEKWave provides value added technology services and Intelleflex RFID is a great solution for our security teams who are being challenged with controlling people, assets, and compliance related tasks. With CMR, we can conduct a real time inventory of human capital in a building during an emergency response and muster crowds at large events as well as track and control high dollar assets both internally and during transit while managing everything instantly via mobile smartphones”