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The Intelleflex Extended Capability RFID™ tags are powered by Intelleflex XC3 Technology®. Our tags provide industry leading range and read/write reliability for high value applications such as perishable produce and pharmaceutical cold chain, and asset tracking applications for yard/site management, reusable transport items, personnel monitoring and security and defense.

The Intelleflex family of Extended Capability RFID tags provides exceptionally high read/write accuracy and performs reliably in a variety of real world environments around liquids, metals, and other RF-unfriendly conditions. Our tags deliver accurate readability in fully-loaded pallets and containers – without having to unload the pallets or open the container – enabling easy and accurate temperature monitoring. The Intelleflex tag's high sensitivity allows up to 100 meter read range in free space. In addition, Intelleflex tag's proprietary wake-up circuit ensures a long battery life, thereby matching battery life to the useful life of the asset. The tag's innovative security features provide security on demand, allowing secure data access. The Intelleflex tags are the first tags that have integrated all of these features onto a single chip.

All of our Intelleflex Extended Capability RFID tags deliver extended range and readability, robust RF communications, efficient power management, user rewritable memory, the ability to activate a selected group of tags and built in application-specific security – all on a single, rugged, compact form factor tag. Additionally, to support evidentiary requirements, all Intelleflex tags provide 20 year data retention capabilities (at 85° C).

Intelleflex XC3 Technology Tag Selection Guide
Tag Description Industries Applications Range Battery Life*
STT-8000 General Purpose Tag General Asset Tracking, Defense, Security RF-friendly environments not involving metals/liquids including perimeter security, defense 100m free space 4 years
SMT-8100 Metal/Liquid Environment Tag Containers, Heavy Equipment, Trucking RF-unfriendly environments around metals and liquids including container, RTI, railcar, gondola tracking 100m free space 4 years
TMT-8500 Temperature Sensor Tag Cold Chain, Perishables, BioPharmaceuticals Temperature monitoring applications involving perishable foods, pharmaceuticals, biologics, florals 100m free space 2 years
BAT-8300 Badge Tag Personnel Monitoring, Hospitality Personnel and guest monitoring in buildings, hospitals, recreation and hospitality venues 100m free space 5 years
FBT-8400 Fob Tag Asset Tracking and Personnel Monitoring Key, carts, equipment and personnel monitoring 70m free space 4 years
*Anticipated battery life under normal use

STT-8000: GENERAL PURPOSE RFID TAG: Our general purpose Extended Capability Tag for use in standard RF-friendly environments, delivering reliable reads at 100 meters. The STT-8000 tags can be used for a variety of tracking and tracing applications where metal, liquids or extreme temperatures are not involved. The STT-8000 can also be utilized for a number of security and defense applications.

TMT-8500: TEMPERATURE MONITORING TAG: Temperature monitoring tag for cold chain applications; monitor the temperature inside a carton, pallet or container without opening or unpacking. The TMT-8500 tags are designed for tracking and monitoring temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, biologics, perishable foods (including fruits, vegetables, florals and meats).

SMT-8100: SPECIAL PURPOSE RFID TAG FOR METALS AND LIQUIDS: Tags designed specifically to perform reliably in RF-unfriendly environments involving metals and liquids. Applications for the SMT-8100 include tracking and tracing pallets, gondolas, metal containers, reusable transport items (RTIs), construction and harvesting worksites, and vehicle and yard management applications.

BAT-8300: PERSONNEL BADGE TAG: The BAT-8300 badge tag design for personnel monitoring applications for securing and tracking your employees, visitors or guests at your office building, facility or venue. The BAT-8300 tag can also be used in conjunction with other Intelleflex tags to integrate personnel and asset monitoring at worksites, and equipment and vehicle yards.

FBT-8400: FOB TAG: The FBT-8400 fob tag is a long range, highly compact tag for attaching to key loops/rings, carts and equipment and can also be used for selected personnel monitoring applications where a compact form factor is required. The tag's unique antenna design is resistant to detuning and provides exceptional read ranges in RF-unfriendly environments.

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