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Intelleflex is committed to supporting important industry standards. Our XC3 Technology® is based upon ISO and EPCglobal standards to deliver superior performance for RFID-based systems. Our products include chips, tags, reader modules, fixed and mobile readers, and deliver powerful, cost-effective solutions for multiple markets.

The recent approval of the ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010 standard created a new category of RFID technology. This newly standardized category of RFID is referred to as Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) RFID and provides the foundation for Intelleflex XC3 Technology-based solutions. BAP RFID is also sometimes referred to as "semi-passive RFID" or "semi-active RFID". Our XC3 Technology delivers the capability of active RFID – such as longer read ranges of 100 meters, reliable performance in RF-challenging environments and support for sensors – at a fraction of active RFID's cost, making new types of applications cost-effective for the first time.

Intelleflex led the development of BAP RFID technology and the inclusion of BAP in the ISO/IEC standard. The new ISO/IEC Class 3 standard builds on the successful EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (C1G2) standard. The successful adoption of the EPC C1G2 passive RFID standard enabled greater visibility in supply chains and business operations. However, the broad adoption of C1G2 based solutions led to applications that stretched product performance beyond its limits – into applications for which it was not originally designed or intended. These applications typically required robust performance in RF challenging environments (for example, on and around metal or liquids), long read ranges or the use of sensors to monitor product conditions. While active RFID products could address these challenges, they do so at a price that is prohibitive to many applications. With the introduction of Intelleflex' XC3 Technology based on the new ISO Class 3 Standard, customers now have a cost effective option that combines the best features of EPC C1G2 passive RFID with the performance benefits of active RFID.