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Actionable Data

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Actionable Data helps you improve profits beginning on Day 1. Actionable Data enables the intelligent supply chain and reduces waste, optimizes delivered yield and improves operations. Many data capture solutions provide information about a product's condition only at the end of the supply chain when the product is delivered. At that point, if the product has spoiled or experienced a temperature excursion that renders it ineffective for use, it is too late to take any preventative or corrective action. The product is wasted and profits are lost.

Intelleflex XC3 Technology provides Actionable Data for the intelligent supply chain.

Actionable Data is information available when and where you need it so that you can improve decision making. To be actionable, data has to be:

Secure means that the information is encrypted at collection and during transmission so that only authorized individuals or businesses can access the information. If the data isn't securely managed throughout the supply chain, it won't be shared and acted upon.
Information about a product's condition and location has to be accurate and trusted so that the proper decisions can be made with confidence. Data about ambient temperature isn't an accurate reflection of the condition of the temperature of the product itself. You need to know the temperature of the product inside the package. Intelleflex XC3 Technology provides the ability to capture accurate temperature data about the product inside the box or inside the pallet without unpacking.
Location aware
If you want to take action on a specific package, you need to know its location but not all solutions provide this capability. Active RFID tags that use mesh networks, for example, cannot determine where a package is within a given site. Intelleflex XC3 Technology can identify a product's location within a specific reader zone. Location information also provides other capabilities such as knowing what process step an item is at – receiving, storage, quality control, or shipping – which can be used to infer an inventory status.
Ultimately, actionable data must be delivered in a timely fashion for you to use it to improve decision making. For example, "plug-in" temperature loggers can't be accessed or read on-demand as they move through the supply chain and only report historical data after the fact when it is too late to take action and re-route a product or take other corrective measures. Intelleflex products can be read on-demand at waypoints throughout the supply chain to enable real-time decision making.

Intelleflex XC3 Technology solutions provide secure, accurate, location aware and timely data that can help you improve you improve operations, reduce waste and increase profitability.

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