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Environmental Policy

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Intelleflex Environmental Policy

Intelleflex is committed to helping our environment, reducing waste and enabling sustainability. This is reflected in everything we do, from the positive environmental benefits of our solutions to our recycling policies. We think we have some pretty good ideas and, working with our partners and customers, we strive to make a difference.

Intelleflex solutions can reduce waste by improving food distribution and cold chain operations. Working with our partners, we help maximize shelf life and stretch our increasingly limited food resources enabling us to feed more people with the same amount of harvested food. It's estimated that anywhere from 33%-50% of the world's food supply goes to waste. About half of this waste is due to poor temperature monitoring and management as the food travels from the farm to the store as even slight changes in the food's storage temperature negatively impact its shelf life. Anything that we can collectively do to reduce waste and maximize post-harvest yield means more fresh, healthy food is available to feed the world's population. This is progressively more critical as the global population continues to increase. Reducing waste and maximizing post-harvest yield can also help reduce the need to clear more forest land to plant crops reducing the impact on climate change. It also reduces the use of water, pesticide, fertilizer and fuel that would otherwise be required to increase production. Additionally, growers waste fewer natural resources by reducing supply chain inefficiencies.

Similarly, our asset tracking solutions can improve the efficiency and utilization of trucks, harvesting equipment and heavy construction equipment. This reduces fuel consumption and air pollution.

Some of our products use Lithium batteries. And, while our products are designed to last for many years, when their useful life is done, we strongly encourage people to send them back to us so we can properly recycle the batteries so that they don't end up in landfills. If you have some of our products that you'd like to recycle, please contact us.

And, in our Santa Clara office, we recycle everything from paper, cardboard, cans and bottles.

Helping our environment is one of the reasons many of us came to work at Intelleflex. We see a lot of the benefits that our solutions have on the world around us. If you have new ideas how our technology can help, please let us know by emailing us.

2012 Top Green Provider Award Intelleflex Named by Food Logistics Magazine as a
“Top Green Provider” for Delivering Sustainability
Solutions for the Food Industry